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Individual living options

Individualised Living Options (ILO) are one of the NDIS housing options that can help NDIS participants to leave independently and achieve their goals. ILO is built around the participant’s individual situation focusing on helping them to discover the best housing option for their needs.The ILO program is designed to help participants build their own support plan. They do this by working closely with their support coordinator to explore different housing options and decide on the support they will receive, including both funded and non-funded assistance. ILO refers to the day-to-day support the participants receive and does not cover the cost of rent or anything to do with the physical building itself. It is suited for participants who have lower to medium support needs (around 7 hours of in-home support a day) and who don’t want to live in a group home.


Goal-Driven Living

Individualised Living Options (ILO) aid NDIS participants in independent living for goal achievement.

Personalised Supports

ILO is NDIS support for participants to choose and set up home supports to suit their preferences, not the home itself.

Your Home, Your Way

ILOs enable individuals with disabilities to select their preferred living situations within the NDIS framework.

Independence Made Easy

ILO in NDIS offers personalised housing solutions, not rent, for individuals seeking independence and support coordination.

ILO options can look like:

  • Living full-time with a host family or person who is not related to the participant. In this agreement, the participant and the host agree on an amount from the ILO supports for the help they provide.
  • Living full-time with a housemate who provides care, help, and companionship.
  • Living with other people with disability on the basis of friendship or common interest.
  • Living alone with a network of informal and formal supports such as, oncall or drop-in support and assistance from family and friends.

A support coordinator can support participants to explore the most appropriate living options and to assess how much support the participant’s informal network can provide. They will assist participants to design a person-centered support package included in what is called a Service Proposal that will be proposed to NDIS when asking for funding. Once funding has been approved, the support coordinator will support the participant to bring to life their Service Proposal and to organise primary and supplementary supports.The support coordinator will also support the participant to ongoingly monitor the support involved and to redesign it accordingly to changes in circumstances.

If you think that ILO could be the most appropriate living arrangement for your needs, a support coordinator is the best contact person to support you in starting the process!

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